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Before you contact us or make a decision about a purchase, browse through our list of frequently asked questions about our website and the products and services we review.

Q) What is the relationship between your website and the products and services featured in your directory?

A) Our website provides a single location for multiple products and services to be researched by our customers. We do not handle any transactions, and each purchase is handled by the individual company that provides the product or service. We do not accept payment from providers for better placement in our search results or in our directory listings. Search results and listing placements are ranked by objective criteria that are not affected by advertisers.

Q) Do you sell any products or services?

A) No. Our only concern is to supply our customers with accurate information. Our mission is to link our customers with product and service providers and is not in any way involved with providing these products and services.

Q) I have a problem with a product or service I applied for through your website. Who should I contact to resolve my problem?

A) We do not provide the products or services listed in our directory. We only provide a directory of products and services with informational reviews. If you have purchased a product or service and are dissatisfied, please contact the company that provides the product or service directly. Their contact information should be listed on their website.

Q) Why should I research a product or service through your website instead of directly through the product or service provider’s website?

A) We provide unbiased reviews for a wide selection of products and services from multiple providers. Unlike the providers’ websites, which are created specifically to market and sell their products to you, we provide straightforward, factual information on a variety of competing products and services, which gives you the details you need to make the most informed decision possible, without having to visit multiple providers’ websites and research the products on your own.

Q) How can I find a product or service?

A) The navigation menu allows you to browse for a specific product or service by category. You may also type your keyword(s) into our search feature to find the most relevant categories or a specific product or service.

Q) How do you determine which products and services to feature in your directory?

A) Our focus is to provide the widest possible selection of products and services for our customers while taking into consideration the reputation and reliability of the companies we include. Although we do not guarantee the products and services in our directory, we do make a conscious effort to only include those products and services that are provided by legitimate and qualified companies.

Q) How often is the information on your site updated?

A) The informational reviews within our directory of products and services are updated on a daily basis to ensure their accuracy and integrity. Also, we are constantly adding new products and services to our directory to provide you with the most current products and services that are available.

Q) Do you recommend certain products or services in your directory over others?

A) We seek to provide unbiased reviews that give you the information you need to make your own decision regarding a product or service. We do base certain aspects of our reviews as well as our rating system on general comparisons between similar products or services; however, we do not endorse one specific product or service over another.

Q) How does your rating system work?

A) Our ratings are based on a points system in which we assign point values to the various features of a product or service. The number of points assigned to a specific feature is based on the relative importance of that feature to the overall quality of the product or service. Only similar products or services are rated against each other to ensure a fair comparison and to provide our customers with a quick assessment of the best products or services in any given category.

Q) Is it safe to submit my private information through your website?

A) We will never have access to any of your private information. Upon deciding to apply for a product or service and clicking on the application link on our website, you will be redirected to the product or service provider’s website, where you will be able to submit a secure application.

Q) What is your privacy policy?

A) We are committed to protecting your privacy. You are able to do your comparison shopping anonymously. We do not collect, store, or transmit any personally identifiable information about you. However, the information you share with a product or service provider that is listed in our directory is subject to the privacy policy posted at the respective provider’s website. If you have any concerns, please review their policy before making a transaction.

Q) How can I contact you if I have further questions?

A) Please visit our contact information page for details on how to reach us if you have further questions about our website. If you have questions specifically related to the products and services that are listed in our directory, please contact the product or service provider. Their contact information should be provided within their website.